We are the Midwest's newest Mortgage Lender!  Backed by tremendously experienced, ethical, and hardworking individuals; we have over 100 years combined experience and knowledge in the mortgage industry. In a day where it seems everyone is franchising or net branching, we are breaking out of the mold to provide better service.  We wholeheartedly believe that we need to evolve with mortgage times and that means staying current and listening to our customers.  Our clients come from all types of backgrounds and we take the time to understand personal financial requirements and we will work harder than anyone to make each home financing experience the very best. 

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Commitment to Our Clients

At UNIFY Home Lending, Inc. our dedicated mortgage professionals are fully committed to your needs. Our mission is always to find personalized solutions that work for you. You can trust our highly experienced team to serve your family, friends and community both now and in the future.

Educators First

UNIFY Home Lending, Inc. gives you superior counseling and guidance. We think of ourselves as educators first and sales experts second. From your application to closing, we aim to help you understand the loan process so you can walk into closing feeling fully confident and well informed about becoming a homeowner.

Cultivating Relationships

Our aim is to build quality personal relationships with all our clients and partners so we can better accommodate every possible situation with an honest, reliable and personal approach to the loan process. That's why our motto is "Live Here, Work Here, Lend Here".

Step-By-Step Loan Process

At UNIFY Home Lending, Inc. we follow a strict, step-by-step process for every loan. We do this to ensure that we stay on track and that all loans close as efficiently as possible.

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